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Rekindle works with two charity partners who in very different ways are fighting to build a more sustainable planet. 



ClientEarth is a unique environmental charity. Lawyers usually work on behalf of private clients, but in this case the client is planet Earth. ClientEarth focuses its legal efforts on carefully identified global challenges. Case by case, they are changing the face of global environmental action, from taking governments to court and winning, to stopping major polluting projects in their tracks. Their model is innovative, bold and a game-changer in the fight to secure a healthy planet. They have been named the UK’s most effective environmental organisation.

For more information about ClientEarth and what it does please go to www.clientearth.org

Plantlife is a pioneering British conservation charity protecting wild flowers, plants and fungi. In less than a century the UK has lost over 97% of its meadows and species-rich grasslands and they are still being destroyed. Donations to Plantlife through Rekindle go specifically to supporting Plantlife in protecting this precious last 3%, and restoring 120,000 hectares of species-rich grassland by 2043 as well as our love and connection with meadows through local action, nature connection and celebration of this natural heritage. 

For more information about Plantlife and what it does please go to www.plantlife.org.uk