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Where do the clothes come from? 

We consign new and like-new clothing from families whose children have outgrown it. Most of the clothing we sell has been worn but is in excellent condition.  


What if I receive an item that is not in excellent condition? 

We take great care to make sure all the clothing we sell is in excellent condition and back it up with a 100% money-back guarantee as long as you return it within 14 days of purchase. To our great frustration, every now and then a minor defect makes it past our team. We stand ready to rectify the situation. Just send us an email within 7 days of purchase and let us know you had a problem and we’ll fix it.  


What if I have a problem with my order? What is your return policy? 

We guarantee that all of our clothing is like new and back it up with a 100% money-back guarantee. Doesn’t fit? Your kid won’t wear it? Simply contact us within 14 days after purchasing the items.  

Consigning clothes to Rekindle Clothes Ltd

How do I consign clothes to you? 

1.Read our full consignment agreement first. 

2.Order a FREE bag collection. 

3.Send us your best high quality/designer kids’ clothing.  

4.Keep track of your accepted items on our website, by logging in to your account.  


How much does it cost to request a bag collection? 

It costs nothing. Requesting a bag collection is free from anywhere in the UK. Any high end/designer clothing can be collected from anywhere in the UK.


What brands do you take? 

Generally, we take every brand from Next, H&M, GAP up to designer clothing such as Baby Dior, Mayoral, Burberry, Chloe and so on. Also, European, American, Australian, Middle East brands. We don’t accept clothes from supermarket brands such as George, Cherokee, F&F, TU, and any other supermarket brands, Matalan, Primark, H&M basics, Zara Basics, Boots.


Do you accept shoes/socks/swimsuits, etc.? 

We do not accept shoes, towels, blankets, gowns, hats, gloves, underwear, tights, body suits, at all. We will accept swimsuits that are brand new with tags. 

For full details of what we accept, please see our CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT.  


Do you accept clothing that is out of season? 

Yes, we accept clothing from all seasons, just bear in mind that items that are not from the current season might take longer to be sold.

Do you accept clothing that has my child’s name written on it? 

No, sorry, we don't accept clothing with names written in.

How long does it take to collect my bag after I requested bag collection? 

When you fill up the form you will tell us the most suitable days and times for collection, we have arranged slot times from 10-12pm or 12-2pm from Monday to Friday. We will confirm by e-mail what day and slot time we will be coming to collect your bag. 

How long does it take to receive the mailing bag to post the items as I live more than 5 miles away from NW10 1JB? 

We send out our Mailer Bags via First Class mail. The bag should arrive within 3-5 working days. 


I sent my Mailer Bag in. When can I expect to hear from you? 

First, we’ll send you a text message letting you know we have received the bag.

We use Hermes Courier to deliver the bags to us. It could take between 5-7 working days to reach us and a few days to be processed. You will know about what items have been accepted within 2-3 weeks after sending the bag to us. 

If you haven’t seen your items when you log in into your account or have not heard from us 3 weeks after you send the bag. Please, e-mail us to consignor@rekindleclothes.co.uk   


How much do you pay for different items and how did you come up with those amounts?

We have done a lot of research for two years on how the prices should be set up for the items based on their brand, condition and style.  Prices range from £1 for a baby body suit. 

We determine our prices through our knowledge of the brands and the market for baby and kids’ clothing. We know what we can sell clothing for and we take into account the work required to sort, steam, style, photograph and store clothing and then do all the marketing needed to get buyers.  


Why didn’t you accept all of my items? I thought they were in very good condition.  

First, it's in BOTH of our interests for us to consign as many items from you as possible. 


Usually, if you have read our consignment agreement and looked over your clothing carefully under the natural light by a window then it is more likely that all most of your items might have been accepted. When you are choosing an item to send to us, think if you would be thrilled to receive an item like that. If you can’t honestly say that then do not send it to us as we will not accept it either. 

Why should I sell to you when I can make more on eBay or on facebook groups?  You can probably make more money selling individual pieces on eBay or facebook groups, but most moms find it’s not worth all the extra time and effort required.  


How do I know what you decided to consign? 

When we process your bag we will enter every single item in our database. You will receive an email from us with all the items we accepted and how much we will pay for them, and let you know how many items we have not accepted.  

What happens to the clothing that I send in that you don’t consign? Can I get it back? Any clothing that  we are not able to consign could be deliver to you for £8, if it is a small bag of items, or £10 for a bigger bag, or with your approval could be donated to charity such as the British Heart Association or Fara Kids or you could collect your items from us within 5 days after your consignment period has finished, which is 90 days. After 5 days the items will become property of My Kids' Wardrobe