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How to consign

Request a bag collection

Click here
to fill up a form to request a bag collection.

De-clutter your Rekindle Clothes

We will post to you a clean bag, for free, fill it in with at least 15 kids high end/designer clothing items (6 months-10 years old) bag must not weigh more than 10 Kilos.

Items will be collected

We will collect your bag of awesome kids’ clothes for free! It would be collected by My Hermes courier.

We will sell your items

We will inspect your items carefully, prepare them and sell them for you.

Get Paid

You will get paid in the first 10-14 working days of every month by store credit, Paypal account or by bank transfer, as you preferred.

Get Started!

Before you get started please make sure you read our consignment agreement and agreed to it.

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What does it cost?

It does not cost you anything! Get a clean bag, and fill it in with your kids' high quality/designer clothing.

What we accept?

We accept, like-new and new kids high quality clothing, from newborn up to 10 years old.


How are you paid?

You will get paid by store credit (earn 10% more), bank transfer or Paypal in the first 10-14 days of each calendar month, depending on how many of your items have been sold.


It is easy to get started – Consign/sell to us your kid's high quality items and earn up to 60%

1. Clean out your kid's wardrobe, choosing only high quality items in nearly new, gently worn or new condition. Please check the brands we accept. Make sure all clothes are cleaned and ironed, with no stains, fading, odours or holes, no piling fabric or signs of excessive wear, current styles and not older than 3 years. All buttons should be in place and zips in working condition.

2. Fill up the form on this link, click here, and let us know when to collect your bag (only one bag) , with at least 12 items kids' designer clothing or 20 kids' high street clothing. You could also drop the bag off to our warehouse, Access storage in Dollis Hill, 109 Dudden Hill Lane, Neasden, London NW10 1BJ, the opening hours to drop off bags are Monday to Saturday between 10am-2pm. If you live within 5 miles from NW10 1BJ, the bag could also be collected by us directly and not My Hermes Courier.

3. Once we get your bag, you will receive a text from us confirming we have received your bag, then we will inspect your items carefully, after 2-3 weeks of accepting your items you will be able to log into your account in our website and you will see under the sellers' history option, the list of your items that have been accepted, with details of them, including how much you will get for them once sold. Items that have not been accepted will be donated to charity: Fara Kids or Anaya's Aid Appeal in London.


Collect the items from your home
Carefully inspect each item and determine its quality and our ability to resell it
Take pictures of them
Upload them and sell them for you
Post them to buyers
Deal with returns and refunds
Pay you a percentage of your sold items, minimum 20% up to 60% depending on your clothes brands and items condition.