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Consignor's / Seller's Terms & Conditions


1. These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) are the terms and conditions which apply to the relationship between sellers or potential sellers of garments and other goods through the Website and Rekindle Clothes Ltd. They should be read in conjunction with our Website Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy which also apply to the relationship between you and Rekindle Clothes Ltd. By requesting a bag collection from Rekindle Clothes Ltd and requesting us to sell them on the Website you are indicating your acceptance to be bound by these Terms to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions. The Terms may be modified from time to time by updating this page. You should visit this page frequently to review the current Terms.


Offering Items for sale

3. In submitting a Requesting a bag collection Form you are requesting us to sell the relevant Item on your behalf.

4. In marketing and/or selling any Item through the Website we are acting solely in our capacity as your agent.

5. After items have arrived to our warehouse, we will upload them on to the website 2-3 weeks after. Therefore, you have 4 weeks after sending your bag to us to let us know if there is a particular designer item that belongs to you that you might not agree with the price set by us, then we might be able to negotiate a price. This does not apply to high street brands.

6. The Provisional Price is a provisional estimated selling price only, it could be between 10% up to 40% of the RRP of each item, which shall be determined with reference to all relevant factors including, without limitation, the original retail price of the Item, the age, style and condition of the Item. 

7. We may, at our absolute discretion, refuse to accept any Item for sale.

Collection / Delivery of Items

8. Once you have filled up the Request a bag collection form and let us know what days and times (Monday to Saturday between 10-2pm). We will collect the bag from the address you have written on the form, free of charge, please make sure you read our consignment agreement for further details.

You might also like to post the bag to us to Ingrid Mahdi, My Kids’ wardrobe, 147 park road, NW8 7HT, St John’s wood. This shall be at your cost.

9. Whether we collect the items from your given address or via MyHermes, it is your responsibility to ensure that the Item is carefully and securely packaged so that it reaches us in good condition, and you shall ensure that the consignment agreement on the website has been read and the form (last page of the consignment agreement) is printed, filled in and included in the bag.

10. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Item is available for collection at the time and on the date agreed. If our courier is unable to collect an Item because there is no one available at the agreed collection address, or you have provided an incorrect or incomplete collection address, we reserve the right to make a reasonable charge for any repeat collection trip.

11. An Agreement between you and us for My Kids’ wardrobe to sell an Item on your behalf as your agent comes into existence at the moment an Item is received by us.

12. If you decide to post a bag of items to us, we strongly recommend you obtain proof of postage.

13. By sending an Item to us you are confirming that:

1.  either (i) you are the rightful owner of the Item in question and you have full authority to sell the Item without anyone else’s permission (or that you have obtained any necessary permission); or (ii) where you are selling Items on behalf of someone else, you have the owner’s permission to sell the Item in your own name as though the Item were your own;

2.  the Item may be lawfully sold to consumers in the UK;

3.  the Item is not stolen or counterfeit;

4.  the number of items sent are the same number you wrote on the Request a bag collection form;

5.  Items’ condition as accordingly to what states on our consignment agreement.

Acceptance / Rejection of Items

14. Within 7 working days of receipt of you bag of items, we shall examine it and confirm to you by email  what items we have accepted to sell on our website.

15. We shall be entitled, at our absolute discretion, to reject any Item received by us for any reason (even if the Item was provisionally accepted by us), in which event we shall email you to enquire whether either:

1.  you wish us to return the Item to you (which shall be at your expense and your risk) and notifying you of the cost of returning the Item; or

2.  you wish us to donate the Item to charity (the identity of the charity being our choice).

Marketing Items on the Website

16. If we do not reject or return any Item pursuant to clauses 15, 16 or 17 above, we shall have the sole and exclusive right to act as your agent to sell the Item on these Terms and you shall not, during the term of the Agreement, try to sell the Item yourself or appoint any other person or company to sell the Item for you.

17. Items will be marketed on the Website by means of a written description provided by us, which shall include the Final Price, and at least one photograph. We may amend our written description at any time until the Item is sold.

18. Copyright in our written description of the Item and the photograph(s) of it, and in any other marketing/promotional material we produce in relation to the Item shall belong to us. You shall not reproduce, nor permit anyone else to reproduce, such written description, photograph(s) or marketing/promotional material without our prior written consent.

19. We shall market the Item subject to our standard Buyers’ Terms and Conditions as published on the Website and amended from time to time.

20. We shall market the Item at the Price we sent you on the list for at least 90 days from the time we uploaded on our website.

21. The Final Price is an estimate only of the price we think the Item might reasonably fetch having examined the Item, bearing in mind its condition amongst other factors. We do not make any representation or give any assurance that the Item will be sold at the Price listed as if the item has not been sold after 60 days we reserve the right to lower the price, we will notify you of the new selling price.

22. Items will be listed at the agreed Price for an initial period of 90 days. If an item remains unsold after 60 days the Seller agrees that My Kids’ wardrobe may choose to automatically, and with no further consultation with the Seller. Is the responsibility of the seller/consignor to contact us by the end of the consignment period to either collect their items or to donate them to charity. If a consignor/seller do not contact us within 7 days after the ending of the consignment period the items will become property of My kids’ wardrobe. It is the responsibility of the consignor to contact us within 7 days after the consignment period has ended.

30. We reserve the right to cease marketing an unsold Item at any time, in which case we shall email you to enquire whether either:

1.  you wish us to return the Item to you (for a small fee); or

2.  you wish us to donate the Item to charity (the identity of the charity being our choice).

23. You can’t request to cease marketing on any of your items once you have agreed to My Kids’ Wardrobe to list/sell your items on our website.

Sale of Items

24. Once a Buyer has paid the Price for the Item and all other sums due to us under the Buyers’ Terms and Conditions, we shall release the Item to the Buyer.

25. Where an Item is returned by a Buyer to us pursuant to any returns policy as we may operate for Buyers from time to time, we shall remarket the Item for sale on the Website.

26. If the Item was originally sold within 90 days of the Start Date, we shall remarket the Item at the Price at which it was last marketed on the Website and continue the listing period.

27. When we sell an Item we shall notify you by e-mail.

28. We shall be entitled to retain a percentage of the proceeds of the item sold price as agreed on the consignment agreement.

Limitation of liability

29. We shall not be liable:

1.  for any inaccuracy, error, mis-description or omission in any description of an Item marketed on the Website or otherwise;

2.  in relation to the setting of the Price of any Item;

3.  for any failure to achieve a sale of any Item; or

4.  for any loss or damage arising from any interruption to the operation of the Website for any reason, in each case whether arising from our negligence or otherwise.

30. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we shall not be liable to you under these Terms for any loss of profits, loss of business opportunity, wasted expenditure, goodwill, reputation or revenue or for any indirect consequential or economic loss or damage whatsoever howsoever arising out of or in connection with these Terms or the performance of the Agreement or any breach of the Terms or Agreement by us.